From Gütersloh, we serve our customers in the printing and paper industry (ISO 9001 ff and ISO 14001 FF certified). Professional equipment, highly specialized IT solutions, and dedicated employees ensure the complete data and information flow for our customers. The goal is consistently high quality. The avoidance of returns is not only in the paper industry but the best step towards a cost-optimized logistics chain.

In addition to highly efficient warehousing, we ensure smooth production process through just-in-time deliveries. With an envelope of about 3,000 train wagons p.a. we save about 2.5 million kilometers of road within Germany, our customers and above all our environment. Sustainability is very important to us.

20,000 sqm

Storage area

200,000 t

Paper handling (2015)


waggons (2015)


Truck handling (2015)

330 m

Track length outdoors

280 m

Track length indoors

Branch office in Gütersloh

Kemena GmbH

Sandbrink 30
33332 Gütersloh

Telefon +49 52 41 / 70 96 2 -11
Telefax +49 52 41 / 70 96 2 -28