Value Added Services

As an established logistics partner of well-known companies, our customers value our versatility in addition to our reliability. And our unconditional will for optimization, which we bundle in our value-added services. In addition to the core disciplines, we offer various outsourcing services – basically from our own hands and in compliance with high quality standards.

Specially developed for your industry

We grow beyond requirements. Many of our services offer immense potential for process optimization, some of them branch specific, but often cross-sectoral. We would like to advise you with regard to what is now really feasible and useful with modern logistics.

Our Value Added Services include:

  • Complete process planning and implementation
  • (in-house) quality management by specially trained employees
  • Intelligent IT solutions that integrate seamlessly into your systems
  • IT support and solution development
  • Real-time reporting and specially prepared statistics
  • Solutions for partially automated process control
  • Reduction of complaints by intelligent management
  • Increased production safety
  • Concepts for the challenges of tomorrow